What to check when buying a used iphone from the online classified

Buying used iphone from the marketplace is not a big deal. When buying an iphone from the marketplace, whether it’s used or new, it’s important that you know what you’re looking for. Buying a phone from the marketplace is not like buying a microwave or a refrigerator. You’ll need to check extra things to avoid making a costly mistake.

In fact with all the planned obsolescence of the technology, it’s expected.  What you may not expect is the amount of info that can be gathered about you from that phone. With phones like the iPhone, the data that can be collected is staggering. This post aims to take you through what you need to consider before buying a used phone. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when making this purchase.

Here’s guide to spot marketplace scams while buying a used iphone

  • Negotiate before meeting: Negotiate before making an offer, and make sure that the seller knows your offer is final. Once a decision has been made, proceed with a plan to meet with the seller or their agent. Don’t let them assume that you will accept almost any deal, just because you made the effort to meet.
  • Meet at a safe place: Take care of your personal safety. While it’s highly unlikely someone would do you harm, it’s always best to meet up in a public place that has ample room and is generally crowded with people.
  • Check box contents: When it comes to the box, make sure you check whether there is a bar code or serial number on the original invoice, along with the age of the product. Confirm that all original accessories are present; you can negotiate for any missing or non-original accessories.
  • Visual inspection: Once you’re clear about the basics, move on to the physical inspection of the iphone. Test the iphone under bright light, so you’re able to detect any damage or defect. Check the display, body, and cameras and look for scratch and dents.
  • Background check: Always run a background check to know if the iPhone has been reported stolen or missing. It goes without saying that you should avoid buying any sort of used device from someone who cannot provide proof that it has never been reported stolen or missing.
  • Check the battery capacity: When buying a used cell phone, always make sure the charging port is working. Plug your charger into an electrical outlet to confirm if it is working properly. While buying an iphone make sure you go to Setting > Battery > Battery Health and check the Maximum Capacity percentage. If it is 80% or above you are good to go.


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