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Many people want to use the new devices according to their work and needs. But it does not mean that you will always go for buying a new one, you can look for the old one and within your budget. If you are going to buy an old MacBook or used MacBook from the marketplace then you have to check some basic things in it such as:

Year of manufactured, purchased, and validity

You have to check for the manufacturing date of the MacBook because many of the old MacBooks are banned all around the world to use.

Check for the purchasing year as well because it will tell the time of usage of the device.

Along with all this, you have to check that it is still in the warranty period or not.

Check the keyboard and trackpad

When buying a MacBook you have to check that the keyboard is working and for this, you can open any file or typing area and use all the keys to type t check that all keys are working or not. Along with this, check for the trackpad as well and check the cursor moves or not.

Check battery and charger

MacBooks are known for their battery life, so it is much important to check their battery is properly working or it will be down in just working for some minutes or half an hour. So, try used to buy the Mac which has good battery life. Check that the charger of the Mac is original or not.

Firmware password

Always check for the firmware password, because many Mac users use different passwords for safety. But if the Macbook you are going to buy has any firmware password then you did not connect USB to any of its ports. So, first, check for it and if there is a password then ask the owner to remove it.

macOS version

macOS version is much important for any Mac buyer. Because the more you use to buy the up-to-date Mac, the more you can use the new technology and updated features. You can find the version of macOS in the “About this Mac” menu.

Check for damage

It is very important to check for the damages in the MacBook because you are investing your money to buy it, so get the right one and in working condition.

Check screen

While buying the MacBook check for the screen that the pixels of the screen is dead or not. If one or two pixels are dead that don’t worry, but if more is damaged then don’t take it.

Check all the ports

You have to check for all the ports of the Mac by using the USB drive, or you can use your headphones to connect with it and if they work then it is amazing.


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